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In this issue - April 05, 2007

  1. Prisoner takes hostages at a hospital and beyond

  2. The EPA wants to amend solid waste definition

  3. Ask the expert: Does the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services post forms for its fire safety inspections?

  4. Tip of the week: Vigilant staff make a difference

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Safety Connection
April 05, 2007
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Greetings, safety officers and facility managers. Here is this week's Safety Connection, brought to you by Briefings on Hospital Safety, the 12-page monthly newsletter that advises hospital environment of care and safety committees on how to meet the challenges of effective safety management.

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Prisoner takes hostages at a hospital and beyond

A wild crime spree all started at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown, OH, on Monday.

A federal prisoner who had arrived at the hospital for treatment allegedly took two correctional guards and two nurses hostage before escaping the hospital alone wearing one of the guard's uniforms, reported The Vindicator newspaper of Youngstown.

From there, the suspect allegedly

  • carjacked a man outside the hospital
  • robbed two banks in central Ohio
  • invaded a home in Hilliard, OH, and held two women there hostage

The suspect eventually surrendered later that afternoon after negotiating with police.

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The EPA wants to amend solid waste definition

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a revised definition of solid waste.

In a highlight, the proposal would provide for the recycling of such materials as solvents, metals, and certain other chemicals, according to the EPA. The revision was published in the March 26 Federal Register.

The EPA will take comments on the proposal through May 25.

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Ask the expert: Does the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services post forms for its fire safety inspections?

To read the answer, click here.

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Tip of the week: Vigilant staff make a difference

Last week a TV reporter was arrested on attempted kidnapping charges after she snooped around hospital maternity wards, but coverage of the incident seemed to miss a big point:

To read the full tip, click here.

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During the first annual Hospital Safety Symposium, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas.

Safety professionals who join us on May 3-4 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino will learn about important environment of care information that they can bring home and apply in their healthcare facilities.

Click here to see the full agenda for the Hospital Safety Symposium, which is presented by Briefings on Hospital Safety.

OSHA Training Camp Announces Hilton Head Event - June 18 - 22

Improve your safety program and minimize your risks with OSHA with the OSHA Training Camp! You'll learn your obligations as an employer to provide a safe and healthy work environment, the standards OSHA currently focuses on and how they impact you, your obligations in hazard communication under OSHA's most frequently cited standard, the details of strategic planning for an OSHA inspection and what to expect from OSHA in the months to come.


Scott Wallask
Senior Managing Editor
Safety Connection


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